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Music Events

Tune Hoppers is always on the lookout for the next best gig experience we can offer to our members.For a music lover, a live performance is more than just watching a band. It is a unique experience that offers the audience the chance to get close to the music. It offers them the chance to interact with the artists and to experience the music live. Rock, techno, trance or psytrance; we don't hesitate to grab the opportunity to host an event for the members.

The community aspect of Tune Hoppers thrives on us being able to maintain the human connection by linking each event to our meetup groups. At present we host these live events in Dublin in a variety of venues ranging from small bars to popular night clubs.   What makes our live music events so great is that they are most often made by fans for fans.

So how do we support the artists? These music events will give these individuals an opportunity to perform in front of a crowd, get rid of their stage fright and have a safe space to display their talent.  Our aim is to ensure that every band that we work with gets the exposure they deserve, and all of the support they need to make it, both in terms of the live show and the music itself.

Follow our pages on social media to keep you up to date on our upcoming events.  So, if you want to have a great time and support local talent at the same time, definitely make it to our events. 


We are a music-loving community who listen, create and promote Electronic or Rock Music related events and artists based in Ireland. We also host weekly meetup sessions to give our members the opportunity to connect in person. If you are a fan of any of these music genres or would like to associate with anyone in the industry, Like our Facebook page and get connected!
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