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You can find here the most frequently asked questions by our members

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by following our various social media channels like Facebook Pages/Groups, Twitter or Instagram.

How much does it Cost?

To be a member of the Tune Hoppers Community, you do not have to pay at all. It is absolutely free of charge which is why all we ask is to follow our social media channels.

How do I become an event Organizer for Tune Hoppers?

Please contact us via phone (0870688787), email ([email protected]) or via social media to express your interest in becoming an event or a meetup organizer.

What is Tune Hoppers actually about?

Tune Hoppers is a musical community of Rock, Electronic & Psychedelic music fans. Our mission is to identify talented artists/musicians and present to them an opportunity where they could have the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a like minded and non-judgmental gathering. We strive to build a network of artists and provide them a platform to learn from each other through jam sessions and creative workshops. We also organize events & concerts for these artists to perform in front of a crowd using our meetup groups that consists over 4500 members, continually growing on a daily basis. Our core team comprises of individuals who are experts in Project Management & Marketing who offer their free services for the sole intention to provide and improve what is lacking in the music scene in Ireland at first; and spread it’s influence to the rest of the world in years to come.

We consider ourselves as a creative bunch and operate with truthful intentions. We are not in competition with any current Music labels or DJ collectives so please consider us as a pool of talented individuals where artists can be sourced to help them find the recognition they deserve.


We are a music-loving community who listen, create and promote Electronic or Rock Music related events and artists based in Ireland. We also host weekly meetup sessions to give our members the opportunity to connect in person. If you are a fan of any of these music genres or would like to associate with anyone in the industry, Like our Facebook page and get connected!
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