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Meetup Events

Meetup Events

We love getting out into the real world and meeting other fellow music lovers.  Hence we organize music events for members on a weekly basis, for listeners of techno, rock, trance & psytrance music lovers.
Our events are all about good vibes, meeting peers and listening to music in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere.  The main motive of Tune Hoppers is to enable a platform to meet new music lovers and make friends. If you love music, then we are your family.
Meetup events are held in bars and other live music venues throughout Dublin, which offer live music and has vibrant dance floors. So why do we do it? To encourage social interaction and make friends? To have fun? To meet new people? To explore music we are not usually familiar with? Or just to get out of the house and be with friends? Probably all the above!
If you live in Dublin and have a passion for techno, rock, trance & psytrance then you should definitely check out our Meetup Groups below.
So come along and join us at one of our upcoming events!


We are a music-loving community who listen, create and promote Electronic or Rock Music related events and artists based in Ireland. We also host weekly meetup sessions to give our members the opportunity to connect in person. If you are a fan of any of these music genres or would like to associate with anyone in the industry, Like our Facebook page and get connected!
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