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March 22, 2022

Who is Psytrance DJ "Pineapple Head"?

If you are at all familiar with the psytrance or underground techno scene in Ireland, then you almost have definitely heard of "Pineapple Head". A producer well known for his lively tracks and unflinching style. Ask around and you'll learn of other names; "Jarbinks" or maybe "Krakat√łA". I wanted to know more about this multi-named, multi-faceted artist, so I reached out to him.

The Artist

Regardless of what you know him as, Lucas Mac' Allyster's style is recognizable, it's contagious. His influence in the Irish psytrance scene is significant, and it continues to grow. The majority of his career takes place between the Irish heart of Dublin, and his home country of Brazil.

These two places have had an important effect on his development as an artist and musician. Lucas is signed under three different record labels, hence the variety of names. Each is primarily a psytrance collective, an anchor for the many psytrance artists in today's world. Lucas stands out, characterized by drifting organic sounds carried by driving bass lines. 

The Music

I asked Pineapple Head what he thought was the most important aspect of making music. "Music is the soul manifest, doing what really makes you feel alive is the most important thing" he replied. You can see this attitude in the way he approaches his work, always with a smile and spreading positivity from the stage. He continued, telling me that his pystrance works help calm his mind, relieving the noise and chaos.

Lucas has been making music for a while, using it as a tool to bring calm and positivity to his life and the lives of others. It was always a pastime for a him, a sort of therapeutic process, but in the past few years, making music is something he's begun to take much more seriously.

I asked Lucas about what he thought his best performance was. He told me about a show in 2019 at the Sound House, just a week before he left Dublin to head back home from Brazil. It was a significant moment, and it was experiences like these that convinced Lucas to devote his life to his music.

The Future

Though there are many avenues of success, existing as a small musician is no easy thing in this day and age. Lucas is active on social media, and I asked about what role the Internet has played in his own artistic development, as well as introducing his work to others.

For Lucas (a.k.a. Pineapple Head), it has been absolutely critical. He says, "The Internet is now the most important thing that anyone can use to share music, learn new techniques, and also make money with." For underground musicians like him, it is a one of the best ways to find like-minded listeners all across the globe.

Lastly, I asked Lucas what his hopes were for the future. He was honest, stating that his main goal was to attend larger festivals and produce for bigger labels, all with the hopes of getting his music out there to the people. After speaking with him, I can definitely tell that Lucas is an artist for the people. His work is his way to give back.Lucas will be attending the Euphonics Festival this year, which we wrote an article about as well.

If you would like to support the elusive Pineapple Head or his many other aliases, make sure to attend! Also, keep up to date with Tune Hoppers for more exclusive info about artists and upcoming events. 

Author : Mathias Holshouser

An aspiring writer interning here in Dublin, Ireland. I am passionate about literature, film, and music, and enjoy writing opinion pieces on all of these topics.

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