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February 23, 2021

Pubs and Clubs to Get Extended Opening Hours. Yay!

Get ready to down even more pints of Guinness, because Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has intentions to make changes to Ireland’s licensing laws. Just like on weekdays, pubs will close at 12:30 am on Sunday nights. Clubs aren’t left out of the fun either, because they will be able stay open beyond 2:30 am. That’s right, pubs and clubs get extended opening hours! (Source: Irish Examiner)

The plan is part of a government effort to rejuvenate Irish nightlife once the Covid-19 pandemic ceases to be a considerable threat.

At the moment, pubs and clubs that want to stay open until the wee hours of the morning need to acquire Special Exemption Orders from the District Court after making the claim that a “special occasion” is to occur at the location in question. This procedure is an added expense to businesses already suffering from opening hours that aren’t long enough to serve tourists and visitors to the highest quality.

Who do we largely have to thank for these brilliant improvements to our night lives? Why? the Give Us the Night campaign of course! They’ve been working their butts off to show just how outdated Ireland’s licencing laws are, and how government policies are hurting the nightlife industry.

They weren’t just hurting the nightlife industry alone though, were they? They also had a noticeable effect on the livelihoods of musicians, and everyone associated with musicians.

What does this mean for us in the music community? Quite a bit, if you think about it! We’re looking at longer gigs for musicians, more opportunities for you to meet like-minded people and possibly make new music projects, or simply being able to get a little more of that human connection that’s so crucial for artists and communities of music-lovers to thrive.

This is great news for musicians, pub owners ready to have some live acts keeping the energy in their venues high late into the night, and all of us who are looking to have a great time in the process.

It’s also time for us to start giving some thought to what we, as members of the music community in Ireland, plan to do in order to capitalise on this opportunity.

You can consider this the perfect time to reach out people, companies, and websites to promote your music. It can be a great time to reach out to musicians to find out if they can play at your venue or events. This can be a fantastic time to start planning your dream line-up of artists to play at your venues, and this time, your Sunday night performances can be even longer than they used to be.

We at Tune Hoppers are getting ready to make use of these extended hours by making sure that thousands of people are able to discover the musical events, gatherings and gigs that will be around in copious amounts. We will ensure that not only can we all enjoy all the alcoholic beverages that we love for longer, but also have tonnes of music and awesome people to enjoy it all with, whether that be in pubs or clubs.

The nightlife industry isn’t going to thrive automatically once things go back to normal again. It needs people like you, yes, you, dear reader, to help get it back into full swing! When things open back up, attend all the live gigs you can, down as many pints as you like, and dance in those clubs until the sun rises. Remember, however, that musicians will be back on stage, and after a long while of not having any chance to entertain you. Make sure to show them some love.

Regardless of when these changes come into effect, this is nonetheless an announcement worth rejoicing over. Here’s to an improved nightlife, and most importantly, a music scene that’s set to thrive! If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the Irish music scene, you’ll love following us on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us on:

Mary’s Bar and Hardware is a multi-purpose pub in the centre of Dublin | Image Courtesy : Mary’s Bar and Hardware

Author : Raakin Thakkur

Marketing Specialist

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