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October 25, 2020

Interview with French Rap Artist KIDEREV

The Internet works in weird ways. Never did I know when swiping away in an app for professionals called Shapr, I would come across a star in the making. This meeting was destined to happen and Tune Hoppers is happy to present to the world an interview with this budding artist.


Kiderev better known to his friends and family as Alexis Maratrat, this French rap artist hailing from the suburbs of Paris is just as cool as his EP on youtube.(Video Below) He loves to perform old school rap and now he is focused on trap for his upcoming projects. Keep reading to know more about this little gem from France.

Concept behind Être humain autrement - EP

When asked what his song was about, he explained that it was about how the fact that everyone feels different is what makes everyone the same.

He went on to explain that the concept of the video clip is taken from his life experiences, like the part in the video that he sips on alcohol. Alexis refers to himself as a shy person (although we believe he is not). There were many times as a youngster, he had resorted to alcohol to help overcome his shyness and perform his rap on stage to make the shows a success.

He also points to the part in the video where he shows about friendship. He reflects on his view that everyone will have very good friends who always support you, but as you grow older, they are not always there for you when you need them, as they have a life too.

I was intrigued by the locations in the video and he said that some of the scenes in the video were shot in the suburbs near to his home, some in Paris and the scene where there is a big tower behind him was the French National Library (La Bibliothèque François Mitterrand) Beautiful!

How Old is Kiderev?

Alexis who is now 32, from the 1988 batch of humans has not been to Ireland although he has been to England and Scotland. He has it in his plans to visit Dublin in future so keep an eye out on the streets Dubliners!

Taste in Music

For your information readers, a rap artist doesn’t always listen to rap music and Alexis has demonstrated that with his love for classical music, electronic music and also Pop music besides rap! He is very open minded when it comes to music. (Are all rap artists like this? Enlighten me on the comments below)


Does he love sports?

Of course he does. “I do a lot of Sports. Better than drinking” is what Alexis said when he was asked about his physical activities. He played a lot of football when he was young and fun fact, he was a goal keeper although he hasn’t been involved with the games lately. For all we know, he is surely a keeper for the music industry!

When did he get into music?

Having lost his father to suicide at the age of 12, Alexis was searching for a medium to express his thoughts and feelings that arose from the tragedy. So he ventured into writing at the age of 15 and was able to find solace through words. He gradually transitioned into rap, which he is where he is plying his trade at the moment.

What is his profession? (Other than Music)

Now this info is a bombshell. He is a Firefighter in Paris and has been doing it for the past 11 years. Wow! Alexis is part of the Cynotechnical Group and he is blessed to work with some of the bravest K-9s. He works with a lot of them but most closely with “Loustik” which is his dog and he absolutely loves it. It must be very satisfying to work along with animals knowing that they will play a vital role when it comes to saving lives in times of crisis.

Kiderev’s dream Collab Artist

It won’t come as a surprise to know that his dream collaboration as a rap artist would be a project with the legend Eminem. Sia and Stromae are the other two artists he would like to work with. Édith Piaf (1915-1963) would have been another artist Alexis would have loved to work alongside if he had the opportunity.

Does he want to work with Record Labels?

Until now this rising star from Paris has managed to work solo and he is continuing to do so in his upcoming projects. But he said he will not refuse an offer if any labels with a good spirit comes knocking on the door if the opportunity presents. If anyone from the industry is reading this, just letting you know that his signature is up for grabs.

Defining moment as an Artist

This was the question that allowed me to explore the humble side of Alexis. His response when I asked him if there was a moment in his life when he thought he was a musician.

“I don’t know if I feel the fact that, Oh! I am a Musician, Oh! I’m an artist, I am a rapper. Because all these terms is something you say. Since when can you say you are an artist or a rapper?”

He did however tell me about the incident where he lost two of his colleagues during a fire intervention four years ago. To honour them, he had written a song ‘FéeNyx’.

When he published the song he had received a lot of positive feedback especially from the parents of his deceased colleagues who even thanked him for his gesture.

At that moment he did not feel that he was a musician. Instead, he said that he was feeling OK about the fact that he was able to express pain with words and sentences and thought he should continue doing that based on the positive feedback he had received from his peers.

Does he know to play an instrument?

Got a laugh out of this question alright. After fumbling with words trying to translate the instrument from French to English, he finally was able to tell me that in his younger years he used to play the, yes you guessed it; Trumpet? (No way anyone of you got that right)

He joked that probably that is probably not an instrument one would want to associate with a rapper and he is probably right.

Time for some French lessons. Alexis explained that the word Kiderev is actually a creative backward written english version of véridique (Veredik) which means truthful. Interesting.


For the logo, his father’s passing away and him being a child is what he has attempted to illustrate with the help of a Graphic Designer.  A colourful hat on top of a skeleton depicts a temporary stop to childhood life, the disconnect one has when experienced with a tragic incident in the form of the death of a loved one.

There is a lot of thought behind creating a brand and Alexis has demonstrated that by etching himself  on to his commercial identity. Life through words, Life through illustrations. Well done young man.

Any near future projects?

Kiderev is deep in the works producing more of his music and has two songs lined up releasing within 2 months. The video content is already in to post production but since he is working all by himself, it is a lot of work given the commitments he has with his job as a Firefighter. But I am sure he will be able to flood the youtube land with a plethora of songs in quick time since he is a committed musician.

Kiderev’s Social media presence

If you love what you see and you would like to cheer Alexis on, you can do so using his social media channels given below.


The Tune Hoppers Project is all about finding those hard working artists and giving them the exposure that they deserve. Getting to know Alexis was a wonderful experience and I am sure that everyone who has read this blog post must have felt the same.

Wishing Kiderev all the very best in the future and hopefully one day we can see him perform at a venue near you. Keep saving lives, keep making music our dear friend.

Author : Shaun Dave Rozario

Founder & CEO of Tune Hoppers

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