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March 25, 2021

Carl Cox Announces Autobiography Titled "Oh Yes, Oh Yes"


Now as all of you avid electronic music fans will be well initiated with the iconic Carl Cox, known for his wide-toothed smile and famous phrase 'Oh Yes, Oh Yes,' when playing live electronic sets. How can we fail to recognize this trailblazer?

Well, he's shared an exciting announcement on his Facebook page. Word is now out that Carl Cox has revealed the title and release date for his autobiography! It’s going to be titled “Oh Yes, Oh Yes”, and it’s set to be released on the 19th of August. It’s going to have details about Carl Cox’s life both on and off the dancefloor, so if you’re a mega-fan, this is not a book release that you want to skip out on! Before we share any more details, how about we look into the fascinating life of this innovator?

Carl Cox: The Man

Carl Cox started DJing in the 70s, when the music scene was dominated by Reggae, Blues, Disco, Chicago House Music and Jazz, which were his early influences. He made waves in the music scene at the end of the 80s and started Balearic tunes, which from 1987-1989 blew up as he became recognised as an icon for the emerging British rave scene.

His entertaining live sets, including Fantazia, the Hacienda, the Eclipse, Amnesia House and Heaven, attracted huge crowds and were extremely popular, but his love of music began much earlier. With his parents having frequently held house parties in his youth and putting on entertainment for the guests in the form of vinyl records, the love of music ran deep in the family. Am I the only one who wishes my parents were that cool?

His first audience was at home; one evening after his bedtime, 8-year-old Carl Cox, went into the family living room and put on some LPs to the delight of the guests, who were in the words of Cox, "reacting, dancing and enjoying the vibe."

Ever the iconic figure, he’s become known for popularising 3 deck mixing and even though advances in technology mean you can pre-set your mixes for playing live, Carl Cox is “old skool” by nature and his love of playing vinyl live for its "flying from the seat of your pants,” riskiness and unforgiveable nature, making him a bit of a dare devil!

Carl didn’t shy away from criticising the UK government for saying that the dance scene is not "viable" during a Brighton Music Conference Q&A, in relation to the lack of funding in the ongoing pandemic for the nightclub industry. His scathing review will leave the government reeling, I know I would be:

“It’s not right that the government thinks that we're unviable. The people have spoken before, we fought for the right to party. Despite everything that the police and the politicians put us under, they had to give festivals and clubs the ability to give people what they wanted in their lives, in comfortable surroundings.”

How’s that for a corporate burn?

So Where Can I Buy the Book?

Here are some links to sites where you can pre-order copies of the book with an exclusive 10” of I Want You (Forever):


Rough Trade

Piccadilly Records


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Pradipta Alessandro is the graphic designer who produced this article's featured image.

Author : Shaun Dave Rozario

Founder & CEO of Tune Hoppers

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