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June 2, 2020

#BlackoutTuesday - Say No To Racism



It is with great sorrow that I have to admit that racism is well alive at this day and age. When I first came to Ireland, I was surprised to see how the Irish had welcomed me with great warmth and treating me as one of their own. But as time went by, I had encountered many instances where I had faced avoidance due to the very fact that I had looked different from the locals. From being deliberately skipped when I am in queue for a pint, ignored by people when I initiated a chat and many other occasions in subtle forms.

As a person you just feel isolated and disappointed that a bunch of people could make you feel like you don't belong. But then again, I always thought I was an alien anyways and things would change over time and it has to an extent. I can't imagine how the black community who are born and brought up in their own country, could live a life facing constant pressure and insecurity being scared to get the recognition they deserve as a human life each and everyone of us who are reading this.

Every time I organize a meetup event, from my personal experience of being left out, I make sure everyone is treated fairly and made to feel important, no matter where you are from and how you look. Not everyone will have an experience that could persuade to treat another human fairly regardless of race and colour, but let us use this day to serve as reminder to make everyone around us aware that Race and colour is something that we cannot change, but our attitude towards our fellow humans can be changed. Stay Strong and don't lose hope.

If you have been subjected to racism and you are reading this, please remember that there is good in this world and life will become better. I guarantee that the Tune Hoppers community will have your back! Keep moving forward with your head held high!

Supporting the #BlackoutTuesday movement,

Shaun (Founder & Event Organizer)


Author : Shaun Dave Rozario

Founder & CEO of Tune Hoppers

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