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January 2, 2021

AUDIO CHASERZ - Trance DJ/Producers

Dean O Heanna (Dekano) & Killian Mitchell (Shagg-E) embarked on their musical journey in 2019 with the official announcement of Audio Chaserz on New Year’s Eve. With the help of Norvis Music & Future Society Records, the Irish & Scottish duo have continually released tracks with the promise of more pending releases & tracks in the working.

They have also been occupied creating Guest Mixes for popular production houses such as Irish Trance Family, Trance Energy Belfast and Trance Family UAE featuring on livestream lineups with the likes of Indecent Noise, Signum, Dubtek (Altered State), Dante, Lange, Allen Watts & The Space Brothers.

In 2020, Audio Chaserz received their first National Radio feature with a Guest Mix on iRadio with Irish Legend Mark Mc Cabe. This was soon followed by their first nightclub gig with Irish Trance Family at The Sound house Dublin. This was a special Livestream event Funded by the Irish Government as part of an initiative to bring back an element of the scene during the Covid19 Crisis.

At Tune Hoppers, we love to introduce talents to the world. We want to make sure that artists are known on a more personal level, so we had a few questions for Team Audio Chaserz who are based in Ireland.

How long have you known each other?

AC : "We’ve known each other for almost 10 years now. We met at Sidez nightclub, Earl street in Dundalk for the Alex Kidd gig back in 2011."

How old were you when you discovered your passion for music?

Dean : “15 years. I started out on the Hercules DJ controller with virtual DJ  and  Homemix twin decks. They were the first two kits.”

Killian : “11 years. I started out on Cdj 400s Numark.”

What genre of electronic music do you both play as individuals?

AC : "Techno / Tech House / Balearic House / Trance

Why Audio Chaserz? How did it come about that you both decided to partner up?

AC : "The collaboration was sparked as a result of catching up after a few years of being busy as our solo selves, the craic was had, so we made it a permanent collaboration. Audio Chaserz was the result of months of brain farts until we settled on it. As the concept of chasing the musical waves fit our love for music perfectly and was always striving for the next musical venture, hence Audio Chaserz."

Are you both full time music producers? If not, how do you find time for music production juggling work and personal life?

Dean : “I am a part time music producer. I have a full-time job and also two kids. To allow everything to fit cohesively, I follow a strict routine of 3 days per week dedicated to music.”

Killian : “I am a part time music producer. Before covid19, I would have worked stage rigging with 3 Arena.”

Where about do you both meet up to create your tracks?

AC : "We’re currently awaiting funds to clear for a studio shed to be built that is acoustically treated. Hopefully that’ll be done by early 2021. Till then, we meet up in a temporary Home Studio which is currently situated in Dean's mother’s house."

Are there any gigs that Audio Chaserz were scheduled to perform and was cancelled due to the Pandemic?

AC : "We bounced onto the scene as producers a year before pandemic hit, early 2019. We didn't start to pursue the DJ aspect of the collaboration until late 2019/early 2020. We have just adopted to the live stream culture and have featured on many livestream line-ups with some of the best DJs around as well as gaining air play on national radio with our mini mix for Mark McCabe."

Any advice for the upcoming artists in Ireland?

AC : "You should accept that success is a learning curve that you won’t likely become an overnight sensation. If you are willing to put in the hours for your passion, many doors will open. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to others. Always remember that respect is mutual, not obligatory; it must be earned. Once you follow this concept, people will notice. One day everything will just change. Music is number one.  Don't let money be the driving force behind your choices in the music industry, if you do then you’re in it for the wrong reasons."

Do you have an album planned for the new year?

AC : "We don't have any albums planned as yet under the Audio Chaserz alias. We are currently focusing on getting onto the scene with single releases to build our fan base and take it from there."

What are the future plans and Objectives for 2021?

AC: "We have a few confirmations yet to be revealed for 2021. Big ventures on the horizon for Audio Chaserz. We can’t plan for any nightclub gigs but we are focusing on expansion of our network of musical friends while at the same time building our brand."

2021 will see the introduction of two big announcements which will pave the way to what will be a great year for both lads and Tune Hoppers wishes them the very best in all their ventures.

If you wish to show your support Audio Chaserz you can do so by following their social media

This or That | Where to buy?

Audio Chaserz have released their first track of 2021 “This or That” on the 1st of January marking their second-year in business. Show them some support by purchasing it from the following streams:

Beatport :

Author : Shaun Dave Rozario

Founder & CEO of Tune Hoppers

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